Investigating Visualisation Creation with Children
March 22, 2016


This project investigates how children create visualisations of abstract data. The aim of this research is to gain some basic understanding of how children engage in visualization processes, and how we can support them in creatively making their own visualisations whilst providing useful feedback to help them internalise visualization concepts.


To begin this project we  designed a set of physical tokens and asked children to use them to create visual representations of abstract data. Some of our insights from this study are included in the workshop paper listed below.


Fearn Bishop and Uta Hinrichs. Challenges of Running Constructive Visualization Studies with Children. Extended Abstract for Workshop: Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations at Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS ’17). ACM, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

This research is being undertaken as part of my PhD research with the University of St Andrews, which is funded by the EPSRC.